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When major disasters occur the first casualty in
utilities is communications, the Mobile Phone and
Landline network gets clogged up, power supplies
and in some cases water supplies fail.
Communications are vital to the voluntary responder
in providing targeted relief supplies such as food,
bedding, clothing, medical supplies, temporary
accommodation as well as helping to organise
Radio Amateurs are ideally placed for such
emergency communication provision as we are fully
accustomed to ‘Field Days’ in which a fully
operational station with worldwide contact
possibilities can be set up within a few hours
enabling twenty four hour continuous operation.
Capabilities include HF, VHF and UHF radio
equipment both analogue and digital, as well as digital messaging, vehicle tracking, repeater systems, antenna erection,
independent power supply generation and self-catering camping type accommodation allowing us to provide fully operational
systems in remote locations. It is with this self-recognition in mind that radio amateurs offer their services to the wider
community. The history that led to the formation of RAYNET goes back over 70 years, but RAYNET as it now stands has its
roots going back to 1953 and the devastating floods along the East coast of Britain.
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