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Wirral   RAYNET   are   able   to   provide   radio   communications
to    assist    organisers    with    the    safety    of    events.        While
members   of   the   Group   will   not   replace   marshals   they   will
assist    by    passing    messages    from    marshals    or    other
points    to    the    control.    In    the    case    of    a    safety    incident
operators       may       be       moved       to       provide       better
communications at the incident.
The    equipment    will    provide    communications    in    areas
where   mobile   phones   may   not   work. All   our   members   are
covered     by     Public     Liability     and     Personal     Accident
Insurance   while   on   the   Group’s   business.   The   Group   has
a   mobile   control   vehicle   which   can   be   used   as   a   control
centre at an event
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